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Life Camera Action Contest Video Winner

This Is Home – Coldwell Banker Life, Camera Action Contest Winner

Now when you talk about being creative we just love what Coldwell Banker proposed to the public for their Life Camera Action Contest with the theme, This is Home. The winner get’s $25,000 if they are selected. Here is the winning video. What do you think?

Check out what happens when they found out they won.


Phil explains more about Job Reports and what it means for Mortgage Rates

Fireworks were in the bond market. Household survey says 160,000 jobs created and Business survey say 195,000 new jobs created. Today was a banner day for jobs created but unemployment numbers remained the same. See more on possible mortgage forecast by Phil Jawny.

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Important information about NC Home Advantage Program – Watch short video

You do have to pay back your down payment if you sell your own home within 10 years with the NC Home Advantage Program.

Find out why Lisa likes onions and the value of having a preferred lender

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