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What an interesting evening with storms and power outages

Look at houses this weekend!

Yesterday I remember standing outside around 5pm and witnessing huge wind gust almost bending the tree’s in half and all of a sudden the power went out. The power was out for several hours while people in the neighborhood who normally aren’t outside were walking with their families.  It was nice to see the faces that go with the homes.  The children were outside playing and families were talking to each other and bonding.  What seemed like a bad situation turns out to be a positive experience. The neighborhood and the families were able to bond without modern amenities.  I wouldn’t of course recommend this everyday but a few hours once in a blue moon is nice.

The weather prior to the storm was very hot and humid. After the storm there was a 20 degree drop and it was nice and cool.  The cooler weather also brings nice weather for the weekend. This is a wonderful opportunity for those of you who are considering purchasing a home to go take a look at some new home construction.  Don’t forget you can pre-qualify online at http://www.philjawny.com

If you live in Raleigh and surrounding areas I would recommend.

Royal Oaks – http://www.royaloakshomes.com

Eastwood Homes – http://www.eastwoodhomes.com

Robuck Homes – http://www.robuckhomes.com

If your near the Jacksonville, NC area check out 70 West Builders. http://www.70westbuilders.com

Coming soon to Fuquay Varina is MassengillDesign Build  http://www.massengilldesignbuild.com


If you just need a Realtor and our in the Raleigh area check out;

Gene Pitzer – 919.624.1321 http://www.rachelkendall.com/

Michael Terbet – 919-621-1015  http://www.michaelterbet.com/

Scott Graves – (919) 880-3775 http://www.allentate.com/ScottGraves/DesktopDefault.aspx

Trevor Smith – 919-745-9119 http://rareproperties.biz/

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