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Real Estate ... in a Nutshell

First 30 Days

1.      Best in the MLS- I want to price it at the high end of your list price recommendation, plus add in for appreciation … maybe 1 ½ % for six months, recovery for all of my improvements including my labor which is billed at $150 per hour … add in your sales commission, figure in 5% negotiating room, and $1,000 padding for inspection repairs. What does that add up to?

2.      Irrational comparisons – my best features versus the flaws of other houses that have sold in the neighborhood. So what if they installed a new roof, I put in an Invisible Fence four years ago, and their pool has to be cleaned while the kudzu in our backyard is maintenance free and provides a lot of privacy… ever think of that?”

3.      We don’t have to sell –  Look, we know we priced it high…

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