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Phil has a very positive attitude and that’s one reason we get along well.

Royal Oaks Building Group

Royal Oaks Building Group

I met Phil in 2004. He’s a very hard worker and absolutely fantastic. I most definitely would recommend Phil. He keeps his clients, including his broker/Realtor clients, in constant communication of what’s going on with the loan process.  He’s always been available whenever needed and is always trying to see how he can make our own business better.

Phil has a very positive attitude and that’s one reason we get along well.  We both see the glass as half full, NOT, half empty.

Phil goes above and beyond his call of duty.  Recently one of my buyers that were relocating from Florida to this area was having delay after delay in getting their paperwork in because most of their documents were in storage, along with some other “self-induced” issues which added to their delayed closing.  This particular client was VERY high strung and his job was very demanding.  Added to this frustration was the USDA loan program was backlogged over two weeks and these people were staying in a small temporary extended stay with their  two children.  To ease some of their pain, Phil took them out to dinner to a really nice restaurant to allow them to have a little bit of normalcy in their lives.  I’ve never had any of my loan officers do that before and I’ve been in this business nearly 20 years.

I like that Phil has a competitive spirit about him and won’t simply dismiss the hard cases as something that he can’t do.  He’s very knowledgeable about the programs that are available, which investors are more apt to take “troubled cases” and will work tirelessly to find the buyers a loan program that will work in their individual situation.  I’m not only glad to call Phil one of the best loan officers out there but I’m also glad to call him a friend.

Rick Newnham, Broker, CSP for Royal Oaks Homes. On site sales consultant for Royal Oaks Building Group.  I’ve been doing real estate since January 1993.


Royal Oaks Building Group @ Forest Springs



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